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Privacy Policy

At (“Us”, “We”), our users’ privacy is one of our core values and what sets us apart from the other players in the field of online recruiting. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) outlines how we use the information you provide to us and how we guard it. This Policy applies to any information our users submit to (“Our site”) during the creation, editing and posting of their profiles. It does not apply to other companies’ web sites that you may access through our site. Since users are allowed to provide links in their profile to their own websites, it is the owners of those websites who are responsible both for their content and their privacy policies.

1. Collection of User Information:
The profile of a user of our site contains information pertaining to that user’s work experience, education, skills, professional goals, relocation preference, right to work in the United States, and other information typically conveyed in an internet profile created for the purpose of seeking employment. Information we may collect can pertain to: 2. How the information is used by us:
A user’s information may be used in the following manner by us: We do not rent or sell our users’ information to third parties. We do not read your private communication when you use our communication tools except in limited circumstances such as when there is a complaint from one of the parties to a communication related to a violation of our User Agreement or this Policy; in such case we may access such communication in order to conduct a fair, impartial investigation of what transpired between two users. Information a user chooses to disclose to another user through our communication tool is the responsibility of the disclosing user and not our responsibility. Information exchanged in private communications between users through our communication tools are never publicly displayed by us except in response to legal process or when we have a good faith belief that there is an emergency that poses a threat to the safety of persons or property. All of our members and employees are required to abide by this Policy. In cases where we may use contractors or agents to perform services for us, we require them to abide by this Policy. In the event of a transfer of ownership of our site requiring the transfer of our users’ information, we will post notices of changes to this Policy on our website, in case material changes result in the current Policy from such transfer.

3. Cookies and Web Beacons:
We may use cookies, web beacons or other technologies in order to enhance and personalize your experience on our site. Such technologies may aid us in authenticating you, remembering your preferences, and customizing the content you are most interested in. At times we may present advertisements from outside companies in designated areas of our site; such outside companies may use cookies or web beacons in their websites, for which they alone are responsible.

4. Security
Regardless of how you access our site, we are committed to the security of your information. We use a variety of safeguards such as encryption and authentication systems, passwords, administrative and physical security to guard your information. Whenever third parties or contractors are used, they are required to abide by our security policy. All of our members and employees are required to abide by this Privacy Policy including our security policy. Although we will do our utmost to prevent unauthorized access to your information, we cannot guarantee that such access will never happen; unauthorized acts by third parties that violate this policy, our User Agreement and applicable laws may occur. In such cases we will do our utmost first to inform you promptly of any breach, then to adequately address the situation. Your user profile information may be collected and stored in the United States or other countries.

5. Financial information
In the case in which you purchase a service on our site, and we process your payment on our site, we will only collect information relevant to what service you bought for the purposes of providing that service to you. We do not collect or store your credit card or other payment information. The payment will be processed by the trusted third party partner indicated on our site at the checkout phase of the payment. That partner’s use of your information is covered by their own policies. All of our partners are reliable, trustworthy industry leaders with established reputations and processes that are consistent with current business norms.

6. Changes to this Policy
Keeping abreast of any new terms of this Policy is the user’s responsibility, and the user’s continued use of our site signifies the user’s acceptance of any changed terms. For a period of 30 days following the posting of new terms or changes to this Policy, the word “New!” will appear beside the link to the Privacy Policy in small, red letters.
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